are my visual comments on objects we left behind. Mechanical artifacts, iron objects left behind, half hidden, and left to decay. They once represented modernity’s promises of a new and brighter future. They have now become ruins. Left- overs from our recent past.

The modern era was formed by the concepts of progress and reason. Our rational choices would lead to a better world.

The automobile and the concept of progress have lived together for a hundred years. This cohabitation has now come to an end. The concept of progress has become problematic, and the car as we know it is becoming history.

A car, as it is slowly engulfed by the surrounding nature, then becomes an encouragement for reflection. How are our choices really made? The car may have been a rational invention, but whether it transferred us into a rational future is open for discussion.

The Automemento project is my contribution to this discussion.

Terje Risberg

AUTOMEMENTO XL Polymer etching 150x59cm

AUTOMEMENTO XXII Polymer etching 68x59cm

AUTOMEMENTO XXX Polymer etching 68x59cm

AUTOMEMENTO XXVIII Polymer etching 68x59cm

AUTOMEMENTO LXXXVI Polymer etching 59x49cm

AUTOMEMENTO XXXII Polymer etching 68x59cm